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You're a Tomahawk that dreams of becoming the Pro-iest Skater of all time! Rack up maximum points by completing sick trick combos, skating through the game world, and most of all...chopping stuff! The more you chop, the more stuff gets dropped!

Tomahawk's Pro Skater started as a parody idea, which can be seen in the alpha trailer below. Now we are working on creating it in earnest as a super colorful romp through an angsty teenager's bedroom. First, we built a test room in Unity to figure out whether our skating physics and tricks felt right; then we started playing with interactive and destructible objects.

All the CG images seen here are from the tech demo, including the current GUI layout and graphics. Below is some of the initial ideation for what the final game will become.




For the final version of Tomahawk's Pro Skater, the game will take place in a teenager's messy attic bedroom. We are using this concept as a jumping off point for making a rich, tiny world full of silly, almost-gross game world featuring moldy food and smelly sneakers to name a few.